School Talks in Minahasa 2021

“We Protect the Yaki Because We Care!”, the Yaki conservation message that we have been using since 2013 is now reaching the Minahasa regency – the latest Yaki Pride Campaign area with the continued support from the Mandai Nature in Singapore.

After delays with the pandemic restrictions, we managed to deliver talks at senior high schools in the area. Not only reaching out to students with our key messages (Yaki are endemic, critically endangered, play an important role for the forest and are protected), but we were also on a mission to empower representatives from each school to attend the conservation themed Yaki Youth Camp where they will become Yaki ambassadors.

We reached 41 schools with a total of 1759 students and 16 teachers and 6 principals during the socialization. We were not able to reach all students in each school, but were lucky enough to be able to achieve what we did due to limited face-to-face studying activities where some schools were still doing online studying.

Best of all is that we also teamed up with the Yaki ambassadors from the previous years, with the wonderful Nadya, Iman, Christy and Ivan delivering the talks with us. Such inspiring voices and direct action for protecting North Sulawesi’s unique wildlife!

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