Community conservation

A voice for the communities to protect the forests

Conservation of the Yaki can only be effective with an accurate evaluation of the pressures facing the population. Previous research has identified that the main threats to the survival of the species are hunting, trade and the degradation of forest habitat. Surveys of communities’ knowledge, attitudes and behaviour therefore provide useful insight into human activity and the threats to the species and its remaining habitat.



SY have carried out surveys across the province since 2007, with long-term datasets providing insight into the relationship between people and wildlife including the Yaki. These surveys are continued on an annual basis, also helping us to track attitudes towards nature and patterns in resource use. Following preliminary results from the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) evaluation in 2013 and village surveys, potential was identified for improvement in communication between government agencies and local communities as well as across other village kelurahan (village assemblies).

Following this identified need and representing a major achievement of the SY programme is the establishment of the Forest Conservation Community Forums (“Forum Masyarakat Konservasi Hutan: FMKH”) in 5 key villages surrounding KPHK Tangkoko. The forum concept has been the linchpin in the holistic approach to improving protection of the reserve and its surrounds, empowering local communities to protect the surrounding forests and act as role models, providing a voice and direct participation in the management of the protected areas.