Selamatkan Yaki

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  • Selamatkan Yaki

    “Save the macaques!”

  • Protecting Crucial Habitat

    Sulawesi's unique and diverse natural wonders

We are a conservation, research and education programme focused on protecting the Sulawesi crested black macaques and their habitat

What we do

A multi-faceted programme comprising education and outreach, protected area management and sustainable development, based on long-term research exploring the lives of both the macaques and people.

Conservation news

Learn about what is going on in Selamatkan Yaki program. Get inspired by the latest conservation news around the world. Together we will protect mother nature.

FMKH Members in Action

Eight years ago we acknowledged the immense importance of including the communities living in the immediate vicinity of the key...

Camera Trap Survey

Following the initial biodiversity monitoring surveys we conducted in 2018, we are now repeating the camera trapping efforts across the...

Yaki Ambassadors in Action

With the letter of support from the head of the Education Department of the Minahasa regency, the new Yaki ambassadors...