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As our programme develops, it’s awesome seeing how many more people we’re reaching and how much awareness has been raised. That being said, keeping up with such an enthusiastic audience takes up quite some time. That’s why we are looking for some equally enthusiastic individuals who can help us spread our conservation messages far and wide!

Contact us by sending an email to and we will get back to you with any current openings.


Selamatkan Yaki relies on grants and donations to operate. We have created a donation page which channels contributions directly into the programme account, boosting our budget and subsequently the scope of our work. By providing a monetary contribution, however big or small, we can enable some extra funds for our activities which aim to tackle the broader conservation issues.

A few simple clicks and it’s sorted! Furthermore, if you leave an email address we will get back to you with a project update and a personal thank you for the donation. We hope that you can be reassured that your contribution in this tight economic climate, is going directly towards helping protect these majestic and beautiful animals and their forest-dwelling neighbors.

In advance, please accept our warmest appreciation for any donations – these can really make a difference.

~Click here to donate~

Avoid promoting bushmeat consumption or unsustainable tourism

If you are lucky enough to live in North Sulawesi or visit here, please do not visit the markets to get photos of bushmeat. These markets support the demise and suffering of the species and many other wild animals, and so we aim to halt the trade of endangered species.

Furthermore, upon visiting the forests we ask that you restrain your curiosity to get close to the macaques and other wildlife. It is essential to remember they are wild animals, and so promoting contact or getting too close (less than 5 meters please!) could result in both injury or spread of disease. Ecotourism at its best can be important to conservation efforts, but we should always remember these are wild animals and that they should remain so for all our best interests.

Spread the word!

By telling your friends, neighbors, aunts, uncles and ice cream man, together we can collectively increase people’s awareness of the importance of protecting yaki and of course nature in general. Even more effective is increasing our scope via social media, where you can visit and share posts from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages and keep up to date with our project activities and yaki information.

If you would also be willing to have the website and/or donation link on your page or through your social channels, please do let us know, that would be a great help. 🙂