Hunter : Role Model Roadshow

Despite the second wave of the pandemic that has caused various restrictions in the area in North Sulawesi, we have made significant progress with all project activities. We kicked out the engagement to local people through a role model roadshow (RMR); bringing an ex-hunter to give a talk and testimony about the positive change to pro-environment. The concept of the Role Model Roadshow (RMR) is to build upon our previous positive lessons and social diffusion approaches to influence a crucial target group of hunters across North Sulawesi, to stop hunting protected species, in particular the Yaki. The province has been toured with several specially selected hunters, whom have become aware of the importance of not hunting all species and regarding the need to protect the Yaki. The role model hunters sign a declaration of pride, stating they no longer hunt protected species and are trained how best to engage others. They then lead socializations and focus groups in multiple villages across the province, to discuss key aspects of hunting and campaign to other hunters about the importance of avoiding hunting protected species.

Although experiencing delays and several changes in schedule due to the pandemic, RMR was finally able to be implemented in 2021. The RMR model aims to build a sense of pride in hunters of wild animals, by avoiding hunting species that are threatened or protected. This activity also develops a forum that empowers hunters who have become aware of and have switched professions to protect wildlife. There were three speakers who were involved and have now become active ambassadors in their villages. RMR activities were carried out in three key areas in North Sulawesi, namely North Minahasa, South Minahasa and Bolaang Mongondow districts with a total of 19 villages and the reach of 152 villagers, namely 68 hunters and 64 villages officer with a majority representing as village officials or the highest leaders in the village.

We distributed questionnaire sheets at the beginning and at the end of each meeting to measure people’s knowledge of threatened and protected wildlife, and how much they were interested in socializing wildlife.

RMR is carried out with a relaxed discussion-sharing method by first completing questionnaires before and after activities, followed by lighthearted games, sharing discussions and finally preparing joint declarations. The joint declaration contains a statement of pride for the wildlife in North Sulawesi and a joint commitment to safeguard and protect threatened and protected wild animals.

Dendi Karundeng, representing the spokesperson shared this touching testimony:

‘I am proud to be an agent of change by tirelessly inviting hunters to be wise in hunting, by being more in favor of wildlife preservation, being able to choose, avoiding threatened and protected animals so that their children and grandchildren will still see them instead of just hearing about them. In every meeting with the hunters in the village, I share that hunting was my main occupation in the past. However, when Selamatkan Yaki entered the school and my children brought the message home and reprimanded my behavior, it created a major reflection in me of the presence of wildlife.’

Finally, Dendi dared to take the decision to stop hunting and look for another job. Even now he has become chairman of the Community Forest Conservation Forum (FMKH), a forum initiated by Selamatkan Yaki with communities around the Tangkoko nature reserve, Bitung City.

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