Nature connect: bringing families closer to nature

Saturday, March 14, 2020 in Pinangunian village Selamatkan Yaki held the closing ceremony for the Nature Connect activities. Attended by participants from the village of Toruakat, Dumoga Timur sub-district, Bolaang Mongondow District, together with the Pinangunian community, the Forest Conservation Community Forum (FMKH), village and sub-district officials together attended and enjoyed what was a well-attended and lively celebration.

Opened by the Indonesian Yaki Ambassador who is also an environmentalist and served as Chairman of the City of Bitung Mobilization Team, Dra Khouni Lomban Rawung MSi. She advised that the families participating in this program become an example for other families in preserving nature and to educate others to take on the role of other families. This message was supported by a visit by Li Ling of Singapore Zoo, who joined Selamatkan Yaki on the design and implementation of the programme and was able to help boost the communities spirits at the event. Attended by around 300 people, the event was a lively gathering with a blend of reflections, arts, games, Zumba, and the awarding of memorable gifts from the organizers.

Final celebration at Pinangunian, Bitung

Nature Connect is a program that aims to change the mindset of people to better respect nature as God’s creation as an important foundation for human life. Through a diversity of immersive outdoor activities, the family (father, mother, child) is given a deeper understanding of the importance of nature and how the family can play an active role in protecting it. In addition, they explore how relationships in the family are built so that families become more closely connected to one another.

Testimonies from families who took part in the program for about 1 year explained that through the exciting activities, they felt a change in the relationships between the family members. Where previously they did not pay so much attention to each other in their daily activities, now they would eat together and share experiences while at home, according to the Sandy Toleng Family. The same testimonial of gratitude and positive impact of the programme was also conveyed by other families.

Nature Connect activities

Two locations selected from this program are Pinangunian Village, Bitung City and Toruakat Village, Dumoga Timur District Bolaang Mongondow. These two locations are very close to Tangkoko Nature Reserve and the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park. Expectations from families involved in this program are that can reduce threats and pressures on the conservation areas, namely hunting and habitat destruction. This programme is funded by the Disney Foundation and administered by the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (WAZA). Activities were planned and implemented by Selamatkan Yaki of the Wild Planet Trust with Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Bringing family closer and connected to the nature

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