Donation from PERWOSI SULUT Family Run 2019

The Megamas Area in Manado, North Sulawesi was crowded by groups of families wearing white shirts on Saturday morning, November 2nd, 2019. They were ready to follow a running competition held by the Union of Woman Sports Indonesia (Perwosi) led by Ir.Ny Tri Suswati Tito Karnavian, while North Sulawesi is led by Mrs. Amelia Tungka. It was called the Saturday Family Run!

Opened by the governor of North Sulawesi, Mr Olly Dondokambey, the route was running around the Megamas area which was around xx km. Not only from Manado, there were also participants from the youth runners from other areas such as Likupang and South Minahasa. The purpose of this event was to increase the interest of exercising together as a family.
The organizers made this event packed with exhibitions from different organizations and stalls. We were one of the exhibitors, where we displayed our education tent, and feeling a privilege to take part. This event gave such an extraordinary impression, as both children and adults were enthusiastic to come closer to us and of course to take photographs with our mascot Molay while the youth yaki ambassador used this chance to spread yaki conservation messages, especially the important role of the Yaki in human’s lives.

After an early morning run and Zumba, we were given the opportunity to be present on the main stage to receive donations from the Megamas management in supporting nature preservation in North Sulawesi through Yaki conservation activities. Thank you Megamas! There were also other foundations who got these special funds such as Estella Foundation (Children of Cancer) and orphanages in Tondano, Minahasa. The event was made more festive because there were many door prizes that make visitors feel attracted to stay longer in the location.

At the end of the morning activity, in front of the invitees such as Mrs. Kapolda (Police Chief) of North Sulawesi, and another important invitation, we were given the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the importance of yaki conservation as well as our activities. The loudspeakers were amazingly loud, where we think the entire area could actually listen to this talk and so the coverage was definitely widespread.

At the end, we had to stay a bit longer as the event was held till early afternoon. Our education team together with the youth ambassadors were doing a remarkable job. There were Karmel, Iin and Agum from South Minahasa, and Damian from Bitung. Well done everyone!

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