Borås Djurpark supporting Selamatkan Yaki

Borås Djurpark is a new sponsor of Selamatkan Yaki through efforts of Borås Djurpark Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Macaca nigra at Boras Djurpark

Borås Djurpark AB, in the southwest of Sweden, keep a wide range of species from all over the world. Many of them are highly endangered in the wild and together with hundreds of European zoos we are participating in numerous well-coordinated, long-term breeding programs alongside working with public education and wildlife research.

The general aim of the zoo is to contribute to a more sustainable human society and to long-term conservation of biodiversity both locally and globally. To further develop these efforts Borås Djurpark Wildlife Conservation Fund was established in 2017 which more efficiently enables us to support in-situ conservation projects around the world. Through it we collect donations from visitors, local companies and other stakeholders, and raise awareness of the species and the conservational work of the organizations that we support and collaborate with.

One of our focus species has been the Crested Black Macaque (Macaca nigra). We have kept this species in the zoo for many years and we are an active part of the EAZA-coordinated breeding program. In 2018 we were also very glad to start a collaboration with Selamatkan Yaki thorugh Borås Djurpark Wildlife Conservation Fund, enabling more direct support to the conservation of this charismatic species. The first approved funds were allocated to the new Education Centre adjoining the nature reserve Tangkoko-Batuangus!

We always seek to collaborate with organizations that have a holistic approach to conservation. Projects that benefit the local fauna and flora as well as local communities are most likely to experience long-term success. We look forward to developing our collaboration with Selamatkan Yaki and our support for the Macaca nigra as well as the general biodiversity and local communities of the region.

Johan Jönsson
Borås Djurpark AB

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