Yaki Info Stands in Minahasa Markets

Our successful Yaki Pride Campaigns (YPC) have been supported by Mandai Nature for several years. They are holistically and strategically designed with the intention to trigger behaviour change in local communities, to evoke care and compassion and the internal wish to have less negative impact to the environment.

Our outreach in 2021 was limited due to the pandemic restrictions. Since 2022 we came back in full swing! Our yaki youth ambassadors from the 2021 were thrilled to finaly be able to spread the messages in their areas in Minahasa region. From small to big markets, they were proud to talk to the visitors as the yaki ambassadors about conservation and the importance of yaki. In addition to socializing through information stand and loudspeakers, they also distributed yaki-themed calendars, stickers, pins and magazines. The presence of our yaki mascot, Molay, also added to the excitement of the activity. Several visitors looked enthusiastic to see the yaki mascot, curiously approached to learn more and even took selfies.

“We protect the Yaki because we care,” – Yaki Pride Campaign Slogan

Through info stands we reached over 3000 people by the end of March. From the data we had in 2019 in the preparation of the Yaki Pride Campaign, there were 15 traditional markets in Minahasa and some were shut down after the pandemic outbreak. We have covered 8 markets in Tompaso, Tondano, Kawangkoan, Langowan, Tanahwangko, Kakas, Langowan Lama and Mandolang. 11 yaki ambassadors from 2021 batch engaged with the market visitors, handed out sticker with the campaign slogan in local language “Torang Jaga Yaki Karna Torang Peduli” (We protect the yaki because we care.) and 2023 yaki themed calendars.

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